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HOW TO PAIR YOUR WINE WITH FOOD Dessert Recipes Food Delicious Desserts

HOW TO PAIR YOUR WINE WITH FOOD Dessert Recipes Food Delicious Desserts - Laman ini mengandung koleksi banyak gambar untuk HOW TO PAIR YOUR WINE WITH FOOD Dessert Recipes Food Delicious Desserts. Almond Pavlova Strawberry

Koleksi Penuh HOW TO PAIR YOUR WINE WITH FOOD Dessert Recipes Food Delicious Desserts

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Cover White and pink swirl cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry (794x960)

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What is Strawberry Almond Pavlova?

Strawberry Almond Pavlova is a delicious dessert that originates from Australia and New Zealand. It is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and is a meringue-based dessert. The dessert is characterized by a crispy outer shell and a soft, marshmallow-like interior. It is topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and often sprinkled with sliced almonds for added crunch and flavor.

How to Make Strawberry Almond Pavlova?

Making Strawberry Almond Pavlova may seem intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Gather the Ingredients

Before you begin making the pavlova, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients. The main ingredients include egg whites, sugar, cornstarch, white vinegar, vanilla extract, whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and sliced almonds.

Prepare the Meringue

In a clean, dry mixing bowl, beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Gradually add the sugar, cornstarch, and vinegar, and continue beating until the mixture becomes thick and glossy.

Bake the Meringue

Preheat the oven to a low temperature, around 250°F (120°C). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spoon the meringue mixture onto it, forming a round shape. Create a well in the center to hold the toppings. Bake the meringue in the preheated oven for about 1 hour or until it is crisp on the outside and marshmallow-like on the inside.

Add the Toppings

Once the meringue has cooled, carefully transfer it to a serving plate. Fill the well with whipped cream and arrange fresh strawberries on top. Sprinkle with sliced almonds for added texture and flavor.

What are the Ingredients?

The main ingredients for Strawberry Almond Pavlova include:

Egg Whites

Egg whites are the base of the meringue and provide the structure and stability needed for the pavlova.


Sugar is added to the egg whites to sweeten the meringue and help stabilize it.


Cornstarch is added to the meringue to give it a soft, marshmallow-like texture on the inside.

White Vinegar

White vinegar helps stabilize the meringue and gives it a slightly tangy flavor.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract adds a hint of flavor to the meringue and complements the sweetness of the strawberries.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is used to fill the well in the meringue and provides a creamy and light texture.

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are the star of the pavlova and provide a burst of fruity flavor and vibrant color.

Sliced Almonds

Sliced almonds are optional but add a nice crunch and nutty flavor to the pavlova.

Tips for Perfect Pavlova

To ensure you achieve the perfect Strawberry Almond Pavlova, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Use Room Temperature Eggs

Egg whites whip up better when they are at room temperature. Take the eggs out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before you start making the pavlova.

Be Patient When Beating the Egg Whites

It is important to beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. This may take a few minutes, so be patient and continue beating until you achieve the desired consistency.

Add Sugar Gradually

When adding sugar to the egg whites, do it gradually while continuing to beat the mixture. This will help the sugar dissolve and incorporate evenly into the meringue.

Create a Well in the Meringue

When shaping the meringue on the baking sheet, create a well in the center. This will provide space for the toppings and prevent them from sliding off.

Allow the Meringue to Cool Completely

After baking, let the meringue cool completely before transferring it to a serving plate. This will ensure it retains its shape and doesn't collapse.

What are the Variations?

While the classic Strawberry Almond Pavlova is a crowd-pleaser, there are several variations you can try to add some variety to your dessert:

Chocolate Pavlova

Add cocoa powder to the meringue mixture to create a chocolate pavlova. Top it with chocolate whipped cream, fresh berries, and grated chocolate for a decadent twist.

Tropical Pavlova

Add tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, and passion fruit to the whipped cream and use toasted coconut flakes as a topping for a refreshing and tropical pavlova.

Lemon Berry Pavlova

Add lemon zest to the meringue and lemon curd to the whipped cream for a tangy and citrusy twist. Top it with mixed berries for a burst of freshness.

Salted Caramel Pavlova

Drizzle homemade salted caramel sauce over the whipped cream and meringue for a sweet and salty combination. Top it with chopped nuts for added crunch.

Mixed Berry Pavlova

Instead of just using strawberries, mix different types of berries such as raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries for a colorful and flavorful pavlova.


Strawberry Almond Pavlova is a delightful dessert that combines the crispness of meringue with the creaminess of whipped cream and the sweetness of fresh strawberries. It is a perfect dessert for special occasions or when you want to impress your guests. By following the simple steps and tips provided in this article, you can easily make a perfect pavlova at home. Don't be afraid to experiment with different flavors and toppings to create your own unique variations. Whether you stick to the classic recipe or try one of the many variations, Strawberry Almond Pavlova is sure to become a favorite dessert among your family and friends.

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